Franck Olivier

  • Franck Olivier Oud Touch Franck Oliver Eau de Toilette Unisex

    The man behind the dream: Franck Olivier is a dream catcher and scent hunter,

    breathing a new creative air into the world of fragrances.Fashion designer,

    Franck Olivier has always harboured a secret passion for scents and Perfume,

    like a hidden dream. If his compositions speak so intimately to each one of us, it is that this traveller at heart — in search of beautiful fabrics — has drawn on sources from all traditions and from all continents.

    His inspiration: rare raw materials, the idea of his very own "signature" fragrances, and the enchanting shapes of his bottles.

    But this globe trotter, always in the midst of new ideas and fragrances from plants grown across the world, also boasts of a very "French" know-how in the method and composition of his creations.

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