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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy Cologne

    • Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy Private Edition by Cristiano Ronaldo Cologne.

    • Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy Private Edition is a men?s cologne released in 2015.

    • It is a sophisticated fragrance with a warm, smooth overall effect.

    • The top notes begin with savory basil and faintly bitter neroli, with maple syrup as the masculine but sweet focus.

    • The middle notes are earthy and mostly centered on wood, with clearwood, cedar and sandalwood providing smoky and aromatic notes, and tonka bean brings in a unique scent that evokes coffee bean, vanilla, cherry, and almond.

    • It adds dimension to the scent while complementing the other notes in the fragrance.

    • The base is slightly animalic with musk, amber and moss, while vanilla brings the cologne to a smooth, warm finish.

     8,260 8,689
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy Private Edition Cologne

    • Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy by Cristiano Ronaldo Cologne.

    • Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy has a rugged and mysterious vibe that begins with notes of lavender, cinnamon, green apply and bergamot.

    • The scent intensifies with fresh and aromatic middle notes, such as sage, peony and cedar.

    • The base notes of this fragrance add a smoky and deep feel and they include ambergris, patchouli and vetiver.

    • This is a sophisticated fragrance for men of all ages who want a unique and memorable scent.

    • Wear it to make a lasting impression on a first date or for a day at the office.

     8,260 8,689
  • Cr7 Play It Cool Cologne

    • Cr7 Play It Cool by Cristiano Ronaldo Cologne.
    • Cr7 Play It Cool is an aromatic fragrance for men.
    • This masculine cologne starts with top notes that are a citrusy and fruity blend of bergamot, mandarin and pear for a bright and bold opening.
    • At the heart are notes of cardamom and lavender for a slightly floral aroma with a kick of spice, which then transition into marine notes for a fresh and ozonic scent.
    • At the base are notes of musk, amberwood and tonka bean for a warm and slightly resinous earthiness.
     8,080 8,499

    Cr7 Play It Cool Cologne

     8,080 8,499

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