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  • Attar E Gill 3 ml GILLI MITTI Scent of Rain S Md Ayub Md Yaqub Perfumers Original Indian Attar

    • Attar E Gill GILLI MITTI SPECIAL The Scent of Rain S Md Ayub Md Yaqub Perfumers Original Indian Attar
    • Gilli Mitti Sandali is the highest grade of natural Mitto scent. It is the scent of the soil which you would usually experience after a storm has passed in hot countries such as India. This is one of the highest grades of this perfume which has high grade Sandalwood as a carrier oil.
    • Our speciality lies in brining products which seems unobtainable to acquire for the general public.
    • The Gilli Mitti Super that we have is the best Gilli Mitti from the world renowned Md Ayub Md Yaqub. A high end Sandalwood has been used as the carrier of this perfume which gives it a special place in our collection.
    • The smell of mitti which can described as a a clay type of smell that comes from the concrete or ground after a storm in India.
    • Atar e Gill is a beautiful unique earthy scent of wet mud.  
    • 100% pure Atar e Gill is the natural scent of rain soaked soil which is extracted by the traditional distilling process. Loved by many, this beautiful, refreshing yet mellow fragrance invigorates a spirit of rejuvenation when applied. 
    • Its highly concentrated formula prepared from baked earth makes it extremely long lasting. A few drops of this earthy scent lasts all day long. This scent has a soothing effect on the mind and is hence used for aromatherapy purposes.
    • This is an attar for experience. It is a co distillation of earthen pots / clay pots over a solvent. It is fragile…not much on longevity and projection but like I said an experience of how clay or earth smells along with some sandalwood oil.
    • if you want relay smell of soil. yes it is true that soil have own smell, we produce this attar by hydro distillation plant. we are request to you please try it only 3ML at first, we promise that you never get its like smell. In production method holy soil smell are take on Mysore Sandalwood oil. 
    • Popular Names: Petrichor Oil, Scent of Rain, Baked Earth Attar, Mud Attar
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